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Caring accommodations for life - Heimstaden

Projects for a socially sustainable society, leases for vulnerable groups and a code of conduct for employees and suppliers are some examples of how Heimstaden works for a better tomorrow. This article discusses the extensive sustainability work that Heimstaden works with.

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Work for a better tomorrow

In an interview with dibz, Klara Svensson, who is responsible for sustainability, talks about the sustainability work that Heimstaden conducts.

Heimstaden has signed the UN's Global Compact and has its sights fixed on working with the global sustainability goals. The Global Compact is the UN's own guide to effective sustainability work. The hometown's focus within the framework of the Global Compact is human rights, labor law, the environment and anti-corruption.

Reducing inequality is a key issue

Heimstaden currently has a number of different projects underway that contribute to a more sustainable society. Homework help and mentorship for young people, summer jobs and work for young people, support for vulnerable children within Giving People and Save the Children, as well as collaboration with Women's Shelters in various regions and municipalities in the country. It's just the tip of the iceberg, social and economic sustainability characterizes their entire business. Heimstaden is a role model in the market when it comes to targeted social measures and we at dibz hope that more landlords follow in the same footsteps. Klara Svensson explains that, "We have a goal that 3% of our homes should be so-called social contracts, that they should go to people who are far from the housing market or are socially vulnerable in some way." This means people who, for example, come through Heimstaden's collaboration with the Women's Shelter, the municipality's social services or people and families who are homeless. Heimstaden's housing queue is open to anyone over the age of 16, but you can only be granted a lease at the age of 18. It does not matter how many queues a housing queue has, what matters is the number of active applicants in each apartment, everyone should have a chance to queue, says Klara.

Balcony with garden - Heimstaden

Opportunity for housing career

Heimstaden cares for existing tenants as well as future tenants. As a tenant, you have the opportunity to change apartment if necessary after 2 years, so that the tenant's accommodation will suit their housing situation. Exchange opportunities of this type increase the flexibility of the housing market. Klara explains that Heimstaden sees it as very important that tenants have the opportunity to undergo a housing career, therefore apartments are offered for all different situations in life. Regardless of whether you are a student or senior, need a 1st or 8th grade, want to be close to nature or in the middle of the city center, Heimstaden has a home for you. Queue time can vary greatly depending on size and location, so it is very important to join the queue as early as possible to increase the opportunities.

Our vision is to create caring housing where we take care of each other and the society we live in.

- Klara Svensson, Head of Sustainability, Heimstaden

Free access to information and to counter corruption is a matter of course

Klara also mentions that it is important that the right people get the right information. Heimstaden's working methods and marketing are a good example of how a landlord can work towards the Global Goal 16 peaceful and inclusive communities. They are visible, for example, through social events, events and collaborations.

Heimstaden wants you as a future tenant and queue to feel safe, which is why all employees and suppliers have signed a code of conduct. It describes how everyone inside and outside the organization should act, zero tolerance for discrimination, counter corruption, equal conditions and rights and much more. You can read more about this on Heimstaden's website.

It is noticeable that Heimstaden has translated the UN agenda 2030 into specific and feasible marketing activities. From access to general information and zero tolerance for corruption to social inclusion and the well-being of tenants and queues.

Here you can read more about Heimstaden's sustainability work.

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