04 mars 2024

10 min

Navigating Stockholm's First-Hand Contracts and Housing Queues: A Guide to Your Dream Home

This article explores the dynamic housing market in Stockholm, focusing on first-hand contracts and housing queues. We share valuable tips and strategies for navigating this complex system.

Richard Valleryd


Understanding Stockholm's Housing Market

Stockholm, known for its dazzling architecture and vibrant culture, is also home to a challenging housing market. Understanding how first-hand contracts and housing queues work is crucial for anyone looking for accommodation in the city.

What Are First-Hand Contracts?

A first-hand contract means you rent an apartment directly from the property owner, providing greater security and stability. These contracts are coveted and often require being in a housing queue.

Housing Queues in Stockholm: How Do They Work?

In Stockholm, access to first-hand contracts is governed by housing queues. These queues can be long and competitive, but understanding the system can increase your chances of securing a contract.

For more efficient management of housing queues, visit www.dibz.se, a service that automates the process for you.

Strategies for Climbing the Housing Queue

There are several strategies to quickly rise to the top of the housing queues. These include accumulating queue points, being active in your search, and using digital tools like www.dibz.se to streamline the process.

Tips for Finding First-Hand Contracts

Finding a first-hand contract requires patience and perseverance. Be proactive in your search, utilize networks, and consider various neighborhoods to increase your chances.


Navigating Stockholm's housing market can be challenging, but with the right knowledge and tools, it is possible to find your dream home. Remember to use resources like www.dibz.se to facilitate your housing search.

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