Small team. Big hearts.

Our focus is to help the Swedish people make smart decisions and a brighter future. We innovate for your sake.

The team behind dibz

Lovisa Qvarner

Lovisa Qvarner, CEO

Oliver Ă…sbacka

Oliver Ă…sbacka, CTO

Richard Valleryd

Richard Valleryd, COO

Amanda Larsson

Amanda Larsson, Business developer

Joakim Wahman

Joakim Wahman, Frontend developer

Maxim Eyd

Maxim Eyd, Backend developer

Elin Ankaräng

Elin Ankaräng, Customer success

Collaboration and funding partners



Why did you start dibz?

The founders of dibz all come from smaller towns and were shocked when the search for housing in Stockholm began before university studies. We were met with a jungle of housing queues and unscrupulous services promising to help. After we finished our studies, we decided to do something about the problem and create a service that gives people control over the queues. You can read more about dibz's journey in DN.


How do you work with sustainability?

Social sustainability is at the core of the service: The platform secures general access to information and promotes inclusion as everyone has good conditions to navigate the queue market with dibz. In addition to the platform, we have analyzed the housing queues in light of the Agenda 2030 goals and created a guide for sustainable market behavior for housing queues together with the industry's most innovative queues. It can be read here.


What is your vision?

We are creating a modern and sustainable market for queuing and efficient distribution. Where everyone can maximize their opportunities and plan their future with a few clicks. Not only within first-hand contracts but also for school places, activities, and other things we Swedes often queue for. We continuously work with new solutions to advance Sweden's infrastructure!


Who are the financiers behind dibz?

dibz was initially financed by the founders but during the fall of 2021, a capital round was conducted to bring in external financing with the aim to expand. Today, dibz is owned by the founders together with the investors, you can read more about dibz's startup journey in Breakit.Among the investors is Sebastian Knutsson, who previously founded King, which is behind the popular game Candy Crush.


Do you have a digital queue - contact us! At dibz, we work together with queues to create a modern and socially sustainable queuing market.

Inclusion and General Access to Information

We are passionate about accessible digital systems and the dissemination of information and knowledge. In our dream world, everyone has the same opportunities for success.

We Walk the Path Forward Together

dibz is a young company and we are working to start a dialogue with all the queues found on our platform. Together we can improve Sweden's digital infrastructure.

Wondering something? Contact us!


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