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Housing queues in Södermanland

We have gathered both municipal and private housing queues, including student queues. All to increase your chances of getting a good home when you need it.


Eneafander's rental rights are sustainable and functional efficient, with low housing costs and satisfied tenants.Today, Eneafastigheter builds rental properties in 26 different projects around the country.The ambition is to complete 500 apartments annually


Bostad Eskilstuna

Housing Eskilstuna collaborates with many housing operators to be able to offer attractive student housing.



Nyköpingshem is the largest housing company in Nyköping and has a great focus on service and security.



TroBo has about 580 apartments in Trosa and Vagnhärad.Their goal is to make it easy and convenient for you as a tenant.


Gnesta Hem

Gnesta and is a municipal -owned housing company.The company currently owns and manages a total of 974 apartments, of which approx.842 is located in Gnesta urban area.They also have about 20 commercial premises in Gnesta municipality.Gnesta is a beautiful and very young municipality in Södermanland.In Gnesta there are four urban areas, Gnesta, Stjärnhov, Björnlunda and Laxne.



Gladsheim is a real estate company focusing on rental housing.Gladsheim acquires, manages and refines rental housing in medium -sized people.Today, the company has properties in several locations that we have chosen to divide into two regions: Mälardalen and West.In Mälardalen we have properties in Eskilstuna, Norrköping, Karlskoga, Arboga and Kungsör and Köping.In the West region we have properties in Skövde, Skara, Tibro and Töreboda.



Vingåkershem AB is the municipal housing company, which is tasked with offering good and price housing for all local residents.Today there are a total of 351 homes of different nature in the municipality


Flens bostäder

Today, Flens housing has about 1,750 apartments of different sizes, standard and price levels.At them you will find townhouse -like accommodation, service apartments, youth apartments and apartments suitable for families with children.



KFAB is Katrineholm's largest landlord. They own and manage over 1,800 apartments.

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