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Housing queues in Kalmar

We have gathered both municipal and private housing queues, including student queues. All to increase your chances of getting a good home when you need it.


Nivika acquires, builds and manages properties in Värnamo and the Jönköping area with tenants in focus


Västerviks Bostäder

Västerviks Bostads wants to be able to offer safe, accessible and attractive accommodation and premises and service with high quality to everyone in Västervik.



Bygglebo's ambition is to offer the best accommodation in Oskarshamn.Through a distinct quality thinking, a high level of service, a great focus on well -being and security.



With about 5,300 homes (of which 1200 student housing) in 21 different areas, Kalmarhem is the city's largest hyreen host.



Klara Bo is a real estate company that acquires, uploads, owns and manages attractive housing.The company was founded in 2017 and acts across the country.The strategy is to acquire existing residential properties in growth regions as well as land for new production.Their newly -produced housing is self -developed and surface ground, which contributes to reasonable rents.Both apartments and the design of the houses are designed according to local needs in collaboration with the municipality.New production maintains high durability standards, as construction is mainly done in wood.Klarabo is a long -term property owner.



Vimarhem AB is one of Vimmerby Municipality wholly owned public utility housing companies.


Hultsfreds Bostäder

Ab Hultsfred's housing is Hultsfred municipality's largest housing company.It is a municipal company that owns and manages about 1500 residential apartments, 190 premises and 200 garages.They are affiliated with Enerige's public benefit, which is an interest organization for over 300 housing companies.Ab Hultsfred's housing was formed in 1948 and the company is entirely owned by the municipality, but has an independent administration.


Mönsterås Bostäder

Mönsterås Bostäder works to meet your housing needs in a way that ensures you feel freedom, security, and pride in your accommodation.


Mörbylånga Bostads

Mörbylånga Bostads AB is a municipal housing company with properties in seven locations across southern Öland.

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