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Housing queues in Halland

We have gathered both municipal and private housing queues, including student queues. All to increase your chances of getting a good home when you need it.


Move to Bost!They offer a wide selection of rental housing with, among other things, pair and townhouses on ground floor.Central or in rural location in some 30 locations in western Enerige.Bost's business is to own and manage properties with a focus on both housing and commercial premises in the long term, in particular, especially Western Enerige.


Kungsbacka Bostadsförmedling

Kungsbacka Housing Agency works to ensure that there are attractive housing in Kungsbacka for all tastes, which meet the needs of different generations and lifestyles.


Derome Fastighet

Derome real estate is the down -to -earth company with the personal commitment.Here owners and staff do their best to give you as a tenant maximum security and service.Long experience and solid knowledge are very helpful in our work.Their ambition is to be at the forefront when it comes to sustainable development, with the environmental aspect in focus.



Boplats is a housing agency for those looking for rental right within commuting distance to Gothenburg.As a housing agency, Boplats works with equal treatment and ensures that no one is discriminated against.All apartments are conveyed according to queue time.



Nivika acquires, builds and manages properties in Värnamo and the Jönköping area with tenants in focus


Varbergs Bostad

Varberg's residence manages over 5200 apartments with a vision of being the "West Coast's creative center".



Regardless of the stage you are in life, Falkenberg's home will offer you all time accommodation.


Aranäs Fastigheter

Aranäs is a modern and active community builder who is involved in the development of a future Kungsbacka.



Laholmshem AB is a public utility housing company owned by Laholm municipality.They own and manage about 1500 apartments.With their excellent location, wonderful nature and close to the beach, they offer many attractive apartments in almost all urban areas in Laholm.



Fortinova acquires, develops, and manages residential properties in some of western Sweden's most attractive places to live, work, and thrive.



HFAB is a housing company with over 100 employees. With approximately 11,000 apartments and 300 premises throughout the municipality, they are the largest and market-leading player in the Halmstad property market.

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