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Housing queues in Dalarna

We have gathered both municipal and private housing queues, including student queues. All to increase your chances of getting a good home when you need it.


Kopparstaden is owned by Falun Municipality and offers everything from student accommodation to larger apartments and senior housing.



Ludvikahem wants to create "the best accommodation" for everyone in need of a home in Ludvika.With over 3000 apartments, they can offer accommodation at all stages in life.


Gamla Byn

The old village is Avesta's municipal real estate company and has more than 1000 apartments for rent.



Morastrand AB is the municipal housing company in Mora.With a varying range of housing in different sizes and price ranges, they are also the largest hyreens in the municipality.They own and manage 2,150 homes.



Klara Bo is a real estate company that acquires, uploads, owns and manages attractive housing.The company was founded in 2017 and acts across the country.The strategy is to acquire existing residential properties in growth regions as well as land for new production.Their newly -produced housing is self -developed and surface ground, which contributes to reasonable rents.Both apartments and the design of the houses are designed according to local needs in collaboration with the municipality.New production maintains high durability standards, as construction is mainly done in wood.Klarabo is a long -term property owner.



Vansbrohem is a public utility housing company in Vansbro municipality.They own and manage 711 apartments and 62 premises.


Rättviks Fastigheter AB

RFAB is a municipal real estate and service company that works for the development and management of premises and housing for private and municipal operations.The housing area is approximately 36,000 square meters distributed among 594 apartments.



Malungshem AB is a public utility housing company owned by Malung-Sälen municipality.The company conducts property management of housing and premises in the municipality.The company conducts its operations in Malung-Sälen municipality and the purpose of the business is to promote housing supply in the municipality.



Hedemora Housing can offer a large number of apartments in Hedemora municipality in varying sizes.


Leksand Bostäder

Leksandsbostäder Leksand's largest real estate company and their ambition is to be the best public utility housing company and the best employer of their size.They are proud to be a public utility company that contributes to a better existence for everyone.



Säterbostäder AB manages apartments and premises in around 30 residential areas throughout Säter municipality.



AB Stora Tunabyggen is the housing company that works with a societal perspective. They have approximately 5,270 residential units and around 370 commercial premises.

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