10 november 2023

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Our best tips for getting a first-hand contract in Stockholm faster

Finding accommodation in Stockholm is tough. Often, the answer is costly and risky second-hand options for a quick home, but the risk is constant moving on short leases and high rents. Here are six tips for a faster good contract.

Lo Iverus


1. Join multiple housing queues

Many know about the Housing Service, but in fact, there are over 30 other housing queues in Stockholm. Most of these are free, but can be hard to find if you don't know where or how to look. Many also require regular maintenance from the user, such as logging in every three to six months to not lose their place in the queue. In 2021, the dibz service was launched that finds and places users in housing queues with a few clicks and then handles the queue maintenance for the user - a smooth way to increase the chances of finding a home faster.

2. Broaden your horizons

There is always the greatest demand for apartments in the inner city, so a good tip is to look outside the city where queue times are generally shorter. The more areas you can imagine living in, the greater the opportunity you have to quickly find a home. Use your navigation app on your mobile or SL's travel planner to see how long it takes to get around the city - it often goes faster than you think.

3. Discover new neighborhoods

Stockholm is a city that is getting bigger and bigger. New neighborhoods are emerging while old ones are changing. Don't limit yourself to the parts you feel most comfortable in, but take a tour around the city and explore parts you haven't discovered yet.

4. Check if you can get ahead in the queue

For example, if you are a student, there are special student housing queues that often move faster than regular queues. It may also be that you have other reasons to be given priority in the queue, such as social or medical reasons. You can apply for this directly with the property owner or housing association when you have joined a housing queue through dibz.

5. Make sure to provide the correct information

Sometimes what should be simple becomes a hindrance, so don't forget to make sure you have provided the correct information when you register. An advantage when you collect your housing queues at dibz is that you only need to fill in your information in one place, then dibz ensures that you are registered with the correct information in the queues you want with the push of a button

6. Never miss an offer

In some queues, it goes very quickly - so keep an eye on your inbox. When you receive an offer for a rental unit, it is important that you respond before the response time has expired to not miss the opportunity.

PS: Stockholm is a great city, but it's not for everyone. Don't forget that there are hundreds of other housing queues all over Sweden!

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