06 februari 2024

10 min

Your Guide to Creating a Home in Stockholm: Tips for First-Hand Contracts and Living

Learn how to transform an apartment in Stockholm into your dream home. We explore first-hand contracts and offer practical tips for creating a home that reflects your style.

Richard Valleryd


Stockholm's Housing Market: An Overview

Stockholm offers a variety of living options, from modern apartments to charming older homes. First-hand contracts in the city are highly sought after, and understanding the market is key to finding the right home.

What Does a First-Hand Contract Entail?

A first-hand contract provides you with long-term security and the opportunity to make your apartment a real home. These contracts are a first step to establishing yourself in Stockholm.

Tips for Creating a Home in Stockholm

Creating a home goes beyond just finding an apartment. It's about decorating with your personal style and creating an environment that feels welcoming and comfortable.

To facilitate your search for first-hand contracts, visit www.dibz.se, which helps you navigate housing queues.

Understanding Housing Queues

Housing queues in Stockholm can be challenging. Understanding how these work is important for increasing your chances of obtaining a coveted first-hand contract.


Finding and creating a home in Stockholm requires patience and an understanding of the housing market. Use resources like www.dibz.se to streamline your search and take a step closer to your dream home.

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